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EZDown Tailgate Damper

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EZ Down tailgate Damper for Amarok

VW Amarok Tailgate EZDown Kit without Torsion Bar - 2012 & PRIORThis EZDown is for the VW Amarok without the Torsion Bar. (2012 & PRIOR). EZDown controls the opening of the tailgate.

£64.43 (ex. VAT)
EZ Down Tailgate damper for Toyota Hilux 2005 - 2015

Make opening you tailgate a one finger operation, EZ down takes all the weight of the tailgate and slowly opens it for you.Great if you have young children with curious hands

£91.66 (ex. VAT)
Rival EZY Tailgate damper for Toyota Hilux 2016+

Make opening you tailgate a one finger operation, Rival's EZY takes all the weight of the tailgate and slowly opens it for you. Great if you have young children with curious hands

£120.83 (ex. VAT)

The surest way to open the tailgate
The EZDown tailgate damper is the best innovation for each pickup. This damper actually belongs to the standard equipment of every pickup vehicle. Because instead of that tailgate like a sack of boulders falling down, this opens nice and slow.

The EZDown tailgate damper ensures a comfortable opening the tailgate of pickup vehicles. By the gas lift uncontrolled attracting attention, the tailgate is avoided. This increases comfort, protects the fixings and hinges of the tailgate and reduces the risk of injury.

The door can be unlocked easily with one hand and must not be kept on opening. A not to be underestimated advantage if you hold eg cargo or bags in hand. Even children who open the tailgate itself, can not so easily hurt by a falling tailgate.

The damper is effective only when opening the tailgate when you close no significant additional force has to be applied. Unlike spring-based solutions that tailgate always open fully by itself and does not need to be manually depressed. The shock absorbers are maintenance free and require no re-adjust.

Particularly when the pickups are used in commercial use, is often not very carefully handled with the vehicles. Tailgates are easily noticeable damage left then the time the holders of the tailgates and that can lead to expensive repairs and vehicle failure. In addition, the tailgate can fall on objects or a loading ramp when opened. Flap and objects may be damaged.

In addition, a slow and damped opening tailgate looks much higher quality than one held only by check straps flap. At the latest when vehicle sales are making the small investment in the tailgate damper often noticeable.

EZ Down

All components of the tailgate damper are made of high quality, stable and stainless materials. Thus, the damping is guaranteed even after many years and at each temperature, only high-quality damper Made in Germany come to use.

The EZDown tailgate damper is available for:

Ford Ranger (2006-2012)
Ford Ranger T6 (from 2012)
Isuzu D-Max (2002-2012)
Isuzu D-Max (since 2012)
Mazda BT-50 (2006-2012)
Mazda BT-50 (from 2011)
Nissan Navara 2005-2015
Nissan Navara 2016+
Toyota Hilux 2005-2015
Toyota Hilux 2016+
VW Amarok (until 2011, without torsion bar spring)
VW Amarok (from 2012, with torsion bar spring)
No additional holes are for mounting the EZDown tailgate damper, with the exception of the Nissan Navara, necessary, nor special tools required. If you follow the instructions on the detailed fitting instructions is a EZDown tailgate damper mounted in less than 15 minutes. A visit to a specialist workshop this is not necessary. The manual for the Nissan Navara comes with a drilling template to the mounting easier.

All items of Damper kits are available individually as replacement parts.

Safety Features
The EZDown tailgate damper has the following advantages and security features:

Highest quality of the damper
Preventing injury from a falling tailgate
Cost savings due to less wear and tear on the tailgate
Avoidance of damage to the tailgate by falling objects or on loading docks
Comfort for all who open and close the tailgate must regularly
"Hands free" when opening the tailgate.
Safety when opening the tailgate particularly for people with disabilities
ISA and Stabilus
The EZDown tailgate damper is a joint development of Specialized Industrial Applications (ISA) from South Africa with the German Stabilus GmbH, the inventor and world leader in gas pressure springs. ISA, exclusive distribution partner for Stabilus in Africa, is responsible for product design, development and production of all fixtures, Stabilus supplies made in Germany gas springs