EZY Bonnet Lift

Ezy bonnet lifter.

Modern cars are packed with technology and features , but often save the vehicle manufacturer to the really simple and useful things . When you first open the hood of a pickup truck , it is really surprising how incredibly difficult this is . And not to forget , after lifting the large and heavy hood must be fixed with a primitive retaining bar . Even those who are not in the field or on construction sites has then usually go dirty hands . At higher down vehicles and large tires, the front edge of the bonnet is often so high that may the arms are not long enough or you have to bend so far over the vehicle that the clothes are dirty.

The EZY bonnet lift is the solution to all these problems and he brings a little luxury to life . Two strong gas springs open the hood fully automatically after unlocking and light lifting. By using a gas pressure spring on each side prevents the hood warps . A problem when the support rod is mounted in the center.

When closing the hood , the springs also prevent the hood from falling and provide a soft closing . This protects the hinge mechanism of the bonnet . Fleet operators will appreciate that.

The installation of the Easy - lift hood up is very simple and can be done by anyone even . The vehicle-specific mounts are bolted to existing mounting points in the vehicle . It must be made no holes .

The Easy lift -up bonnet is available for the current models of :

Ford Ranger T6
Toyota Hilux
Nissan Navara
Isuzu D - Max
Mitsubishi L200
As a perfect complement for the hood lift the tailgate damper EZY Tail Drop for a comfortable opening the tailgate of the pickup truck bed provides .
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