Mercedes Benz Sprinter

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  • Black Rhino Wheels Overland
    Overland embodies BlackRhino style with its multi layered mechanical features that strongly tie lip with its concavity that constructs into an ultra rugged looking custom wheel. Its a fresh take on the split five spoke design that is integrated with its outer bolted lip- showcasing both intricate ruggedness and precision style that define this brand
  • Black Rhino Wheels TANAY 18 x8"
    Tanay model truck rims are focused on a new, fast emerging segment, the crossover utility vehicle, or CUV. Whether yours is a Juke, Renegade, Crosstrek, HR-V, Trax or even newer, upgrading to muscular 18x8 Tanay hardened light alloys will really set your ride apart.
  • Black Rhino Wheels TAUPO 18x8"
    Black Rhinos new Taupo off-road wheels are engineered to fit a wide range of lifted trucks and SUVs, including the popular Mercedes Sprinter van.
  • Black Rhino Wheels WARLORD
    The new Black Rhino Warlord truck rims live up to that aggressive name in more ways than one. Start with the eight brawny spokes, bifurcated as they reach the thick, detailed lip. Its a beefy, take-no-prisoners design, entirely in keeping with the spirit of stock and lifted trucks prepped for off highway gambols.
  • Black Rhino Wheels YORK
    York is a one of a kind six spoke new from Black Rhino. Its utilizing a fresh new style that shows a performance oriented nature, combined with an undeniable tough precision constructed look that shows both rugged character with sporty style.
  • SP9100